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Streamtorrent Expiring (Expiration Date)

What if you are watching a stream and the stream is going to expire?  Some streamers set an expiration date of when their stream will go down.  If you find that a game you are watching is set to expire before you are done watching it what can you do?  There is not much you can do when a stream is set to expire except to find a new stream.  Sites like Streamtorrent are here to help you find other streams.  You can try different places like Veemi or Justin tv or UStream if you'd like.  It can be frustrating when a stream is set to expire and this is why you may want to have backup options to watch in case a stream goes offline or expires completely.

This is true a lot for NFL Football streams which expire at a rapid pace during the NFL season.  A few years ago Justin tv had a ton of NFL football live streams but nowadays there are more spam fake streams there then real streams, and also Justin tv moderates their streams so if they find a NFL game that someone complains about they will expire the stream by removing it and the streamer usually has their account suspended for 24 hours or if it is a multiple offense then their account is banned.  Of course getting a new account to stream live games is very easy at Justin tv but they have really cracked down on NFL streams.  Last year they were the premier site that people would use and this year it is a graveyard because nobody goes there due to the spam streams and the high number of expired streams.  Streamtorrent still recommends them if you have no other option, but they are not our first choice anymore.


Stream Torrent Football

Stream torrent football is a popular way to watch live football games online.  You can watch NFL football and college football online through Stream Torrent.  The ability to watch live games online came about a few years ago and many NFL fans are now flocking to the internet to catch their favorite teams through Stream Torrent.  The way that online streaming works is that there are two people, the streamer and the viewer.  The streamer uses a P2P application like Stream Torrent to stream sports such as football.  The viewer also has to have the same P2P application installed, and through the application they can watch the live sports that the streamer is streaming live.

There are people who use Stream Torrent to stream many different sports, from football to baseball to basketball, hockey, polo, cricket, boxing, soccer, and many other sports.  Being able to watch live sports streams happens every single day of the week and the availability will only grow as P2P players gain more and more popularity.  I know people who have used P2P applications like Stream Torrent for the past two years and have been able to watch about 90% of the football games that are on each week.

The only requirement you need to have to watch live football online with Stream Torrent is an internet connection that has reasonable speed (since watching streams requires bandwidth and a high speed internet connection).  That is really all you need and you can be watch sports online in minutes.  My favorite day to watch football is on Sunday.  I love using P2P applications like Stream Torrent and I am never going back to traditional cable and their one game on at a time.  Why would I when I can watch every single game online through Stream Torrent.  If you haven't tried out a P2P streaming application then I recommend you try one out today!